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Honorary Board

Balaton Art Residency / Honorary Board

Honorary Board

Our Foundation is supported by an Honorary Board. The purpose of the Honorary Board is to provide professional support for the Foundation's operations, its development direction, and its short and long-term strategic objectives as well as their implementation

  • The Honorary Board assists and advises the management of the Foundation to set and help to achieve the Foundation’s objectives
  • The Honorary Board is the Foundation’s main advisory and support body.

Dr. Áron Boros

President of Board

CEO, Stradamus Zrt.

Richárd Kosinsky

Art Director, Art Historian, KOGART Art Foundation

Attila Kondor

Artist, Animation film director

Elemér Rózsás

Mayor of Szólád, Managing Director of Rózsás B.H.L Ltd.

Raymond Li

Asia Pacific (APAC) Business Development Advisor-BAR, Head of Institutional Sales APAC- TMX Group

Message from our Honorary Board members

“Arts are an essential part of our thinking, our conceptualisation of community and of the individual, society and identity. To raise relevant questions that can bridge the gap between local and global perspectives, it is necessary to create spaces of reflection, intellectual and creative centres of creativity. All this to be done in an autonomous and sustainable way that builds heavily on local communities.
In addition to the love of contemporary art, the Lake Balaton Contemporary Art Residency was born out of these long-term visions: a residency programme embedded by strong professionalism, accompanied by mentors, which will in time become regionally significant and provide a representative picture of our contemporary art scene, thus also laying the foundation for an international outlook.
It is both an honour and a challenge to be part of such an ambitious programme, the promise of the experience of thinking together – to be part of a creative intellectual community.”

Richárd Kosinsky

“The mentor programme of the Art Residency at Szólád works much like the focus of a camera lens: it helps young artists gather and concentrate their artistic energies. This can create an amazing opportunity for an art residency to become a true intellectual workshop.”

Attila Kondor